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Keep in mind, in order to get a prediction as accurate as possible also that of own ascendant. Then read the prediction of your taurus sun sign below but then also read your ascendant predictions. You can calculate your ascendant here if you do not know it. Doing a summary of own summer astrological predictions of the sun sign and ascendant sign, you will be able to get more information and to draw up a most accurate horoscope. Happy reading! Download a free book on the forecasts for spring and summer here. Taurus love spring summer : finally a spring and a summer without the opposition of Jupiter.

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Now you feel clearly freer and stronger on a sentimental level with the possibility of managing a love relationship that may have risked failing in the past but which can now progress in a very unusual way. Jupiter, even if it is not in good astrological aspect, can still promise good encounters to solitary hearts that even if they will not find the love of their life, will find a good inner serenity and the development of really interesting emotions to live to the end.

Obviously the months of April and May are excellent for love situations that can progress and if you have to solve a problem within the family, Saturn offers good chances by September with the wonderful energies that gives Mars in trine. If you have closed a love story in the past, you can now be reborn.

Taurus career money spring summer : this period is decidedly interesting as far as work is concerned, since some professional situations that were blocked by the opposition of Saturn in the past and particularly during the last year, can now start again. Spring can bring good news if you are very young and are looking for a new job and also in the workplace the relationship with colleagues can improve. Meanwhile, you should not overdo the expenses during the summer even if the money is not missing in your pocket. Gemini Yearly Predictions.

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Test to find out how the 12 zodiac signs are having sex. Sure, you may have encountered a few skeptics, even haters, along the way. A flower on her birthday, a small gift when you return from a trip, a postcard, a call at the right moment can consolidate a relationship or they can. We use your name to help us deliver a more personalized astrology reading. The Planet Pulse, by Rick Levine gives readings for all zodiac signs on the same page. Gemini Monthly Horoscope. Use your powers of persuasion to accelerate your spiritual and material growth.

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This is a fantastic day to schmooze with friends, groups and everyday contacts. In particular, you will enjoy hanging out with younger people, especially people involved in the arts or creative activities. New faces, new places and new information will stimulate your day! A discussion with a boss, parent or a VIP might benefit you financially today.

You might ask for a favour or even a raise? This favour might have a social aspect. Perhaps it includes an invitation? An unexpected boon or a surprise to your finances could occur. This is an interesting day because the Moon is in your sign dancing with wacky Uranus and fair Venus. Sudden opportunities to travel might fall in your lap.

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You might also expand your world through publishing, the media, medicine and the law or higher education. It's an exciting day! De-clutter author Marie Kondo shares your birthday today. You are charming, kind and sincere.

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Daily aspects. Current timezone: America/Sao_Paulo, UTC change timezone. photo: (c) Luna Vandoorne - fuefon.tk Taurus horoscope forecast for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. You seem to have a stronger need for intellectual stimulation through others until December 9th, and you might Horoscope for All on Thursday, October 3,

You have a sensitivity that picks up on the nuances around you. This year your hard work will begin to pay off! Therefore, start to simplify your life and focus on how to build solid foundations. Work with purpose.

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Physical exercise will be important, which is why you should explore any physical discipline that you enjoy. Georgia's Daily Hit! By text, or e-mail to you each morning! Yesterday Today Tomorrow Subscribe Print.